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Kutna Hora

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While in Prague, a group of us took a fun, if filled with misfortune, trip to Kutna Hora, a town nearby.

View: On the train to Kutna Hora
2002-09-28 15:40:01

View: Coat of arms made from human bones
2002-09-28 15:41:10

View: Another bones coat of arms
2002-09-28 15:42:15

View: Bone chandelier, anyone?
2002-09-28 15:43:35

View: Hanging in the graveyard
2002-09-28 15:45:02

View: Inside St. Barbara church
2002-09-28 15:45:47

View: Looking down toward Kutna Hora town
2002-09-28 15:46:27

View: St. Barbara's cathedral from the back
2002-09-28 15:47:18

View: St. Barbara cathedral from the side
2002-09-28 15:48:18

View: St. Barbara cathedral entrance
2002-09-28 15:49:15

View: Jaymie waiting for the train
2002-09-28 15:50:10

View: "So, we have to wait an hour?"
2002-09-28 15:51:11

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